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"Jeffrey Todd Parrott takes full ownership of the eyebrow-waggling Groucho..." - Orlando Sentinel

"Jeffrey Todd Parrott, harnessing childlike intensity and comical exactitude, [...] a perfect match."-Seven Days Vermont Magazine

"The acting is so uniformly excellent that it's impossible to single anyone out. But special mention must be made of Parrott and [his] stammering charm..." - Orlando Sentinel

"Carl, crisply played by Jeffrey Todd Parrott." - WFRV-TV CBS

"Jeffrey Todd Parrott amuses in multiple roles..." - Triangle Arts and Entertainment of Raleigh

"The entertainment of the play is matching wits with Detective Sergeant Trotter (Jeffrey Todd Parrott)..." - Seven Days Vermont Magazine

"Parrott charms as Huck..."- Orlando Sentinel


Jeffrey Todd Parrott

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